Another year and what a year it has been….

2021 A year to remember

Well we are nearly at the end of 2021 it has been a roller coaster for the industry and we are all still dealing with the pandemic.
The run up to Christmas was chaotic for many in the hospitality and pub industry, the lack of decisions made it hard for you to make decisions and for customers too know what to do for the best. We have all tried really hard to enjoy the festive spirit whilst trying to stay safe.

I do hope that the New Year and 2022 is going to be better for all of us. That we will be able to go back to some normality and that the industry can start to rebuild. January is traditionally a quiet month but let’s hope that people will continue to eat out and spend time in pubs, cafes and hotels. Let’s hope that the booster programme helps support the communities that we live in and work.

All of you have tried to keep your staff and customers safe and carry on functioning as a business, let’s hope that the coming year sees the pandemic get better and less ups and downs in the industry.
We saw during the first year of the pandemic how hospitality supported the communities we live in and they continue to be the hub of those communities. Let’s hope that 2022 will see us all coming out of this in a better way.

Happy New Year and let’s hope it is a prosperous and joyful one.