At last we can move back inside..

Well we have finally started to dine inside, and not before time. The weather has made all of you who have tried to stay open and deliver to your customers outside incredibly difficult. Let’s hope that we are going to see a turn in the weather to support inside and outside dinning.

We still need to be vigilant and that final goal 21 June is along way off. And a lot can happen before we get there. I know that as an industry you have and continue to be delivering a service to your customers in a safe and mannered way. We would love to see you all back up and open and beginning to rebuild your businesses in the coming months.

It would be great to hear from you about what has worked for you and what hasn’t.. Do you think the government have supported the industry enough? What could they do to continue to support in the coming months? How have the changes in migrant workers impacted your staffing? All of these issues are still ongoing and have yet to really impact on the industry, what will or could it do to your business.?

In the mean time enjoy having customers back on your premises. Pray for the god of sunshine and let’s hope that the coming weeks are safe and productive for all in the hospitality industry.