Beginning to feel like Autumn….

Sitting here listening to the wind bluster around the house, watching the trees loose there leaves, happily no rain but sunshine… battening down the patio furniture.

The bank holiday weekend is beckoning lets hope that the weather improves and that you can all benefit from the last weekend of the summer. I talked about how some of the larger companies are carrying on the Eat out programme into September in my last blog… seems that some of you small pubs and restaurants are going to try and carry the programme on to keep the momentum as well. The House of Feasts in Eye    for example are looking at 15%. Are you able to continue this scheme yourselves and keep your customers coming back to help you through the coming months…it would be good to hear your thoughts.

A lot of you have created spaces for eating outside as well as inside and as the weather changes will that impact on your viability, for you to deliver to your customers. Will it half your income and will it make it more difficult for you to carry on as a business. How have you, who do not have outside space dealt with the last few months? What ways have you managed in order to keep trading?