Burns Night where did January go and will you be celebrating

Well here we are nearly at the end of January and still in lockdown. I am sitting in beautiful blue skies and surrounded by snow. Which makes the end of this month more pleasant than the grey we seemed to have had for most of it..

So today is Burns Night this celebration of Robert Burns has now become something that this industry celebrates even in England, another celebration that pubs and hospitality will have to put on hold till next year. Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day ,are you looking at ways to celebrate. Find ways of supporting customers to celebrate..

Over the last few weeks I have seen yet again the industry finding innovative ways of keeping there business afloat. They have also been supporting the communities that they are based in, school meals, supporting the vulnerable and being a focus for communities in these difficult times. And although it is looking more and more that the industry may not be up and running till March, and that some may not reopen we can look forward.

So even though it may seem a little glum at the moment, the blue skies give us hope, the light that shows us the way forward. That the world around us is incredible and we as humans have the ability to bounce back, throughout this pandemic the industry has shown that and I suspect that your customers will and are supporting you at this time…. let’s look forward to Spring and all that may bring.