Clocks back, cold nights and lockdown

Well the clocks have gone back… dark at 4.30 and even a little frost in the mornings. Halloween has been and fireworks have gone off into the night.We have also had some amazing sunrises and sunny cold days…but now we are back in lockdown. Only four weeks they say but how has this hit your business and just as importantly your mental well being. We have all tried really hard to wear masks, stay 2 metres apart and wash our hands, but we are watching numbers rise and more people having to go into hospital, the NHS is under pressure again.

Have you come up with a cunning plan to get through the coming weeks. Like a lot of small businesses and especially in pubs and hospitality, you have all become incredibly good at adapting and finding new ways to earn an income. Watching social media, within hours local businesses not only thanking customers for supporting over the last few months, had put into place takeaway menus, for both food and drink. And today they are being used and supporting the communities you live in.

This is hard on all of us at the moment, so make the most of the glorious daytime weather go for walks if you can and hunker down in the evenings. Use those local pubs to have a treat whether food or a drink. Keep in touch with those who might be alone and stay as positive as you can…. we are all in this together.