Coronavirus Rent Moratorium


Coronavirus Rent Moratorium

Under a moratorium issued on Monday 23rd March, landlords will not be able to exercise any right of forfeiture or other enforcement action on tenants that cannot pay their rent.

Confirmation was received that notices of enforcement can still be issued to tenants which will cut down on further delays once the moratorium is lifted.

The news came ahead of the government ordering almost all shops to close and for citizens to remain in their homes unless shopping for essentials. This will be reviewed in three weeks.

The provision will only delay action it will not affect a landlord’s right to forfeit a lease or recover rent after the three-month period ends. It is also likely that interest can be claimed during this period. The government said it will monitor the impact on commercial landlords’ cash flow and “continues to be in dialogue with them”.

The government said many landlords and tenants are already reaching voluntary arrangements