Easter is nearly upon us

Lets hope that the coming Easter holidays are the start of better things for the industry. It has been a tough start to 2022, we have had incredible weather, heat, snow, hail. We have watched whilst the world started to recover from Covid and then have watched it go to war.

And then there is the changes that have happened here in the UK. Covid has officially been put on the back burner, and yet we are seeing high rates, businesses and organisations are seeing staffing issues, as more people contract the disease. Testing is no longer free, which with the other increases in the cost of living not just for consumers but those who are supplying those customers is beginning to have an impact on how people spend.

Fuel prices have rocketed and will have an impact on people travelling or being able to heat homes and businesses. Your customers are now having to count the pennies, less likely to be able to spend money on a meal out or an afternoon in the pub. And to add to the perfect storm VAT on food goes back up to 20%.

But it is not all gloom and doom, despite all of these things traditionally Easter is a time of new life, of the beginning of the good weather and lighter days to come. Nature is waking up there is a feeling of hope for the coming year.

So find those rabbits, overdo the chocolate, bring out your Easter bonnets and celebrate as best possible .