End of January Change of Rules

How are you doing? Have you managed to recover from Christmas and New Year? Have you got your head around the new regulations?

Will you as a business be giving your customers the option of wearing a mask and that of your staff. How are you finding the changes. Have you found the changes affecting your business have more customers been coming in. Are we as the public being more adventurous or are we still cautious about being out in groups and company. I am still wearing a mask in public especially shops, pubs, restaurants. Just as much for those working in those environments as myself. It has never felt like an inconvenience for me just a way of us all protecting one another.

Lets hope what ever you have decided as a business that the changes will help and that you will see more footfall. As an industry hospitality, pubs, cafes, restaurants all need as much help as possible. Have you checked if you might be eligible for the new Covid grant, will this help you in anyway?

We are heading towards Valentines day what plans do you have in place looking on social media I have seen some fantastic evenings planned and this is a great opportunity to start getting those customers engaged again in using there local pubs and restaurants. This is the start of another year and lets hope that with the change in the Pandemic regulations, spring heading towards us and the evenings getting lighter. this is the beginning of a good 2022 for all those small and medium businesses in the hospitality trade.

Here is to the coming year.