Halloween is upon us….

September has been and gone and October has nearly finished. These last few months have been busy the Indian summer never really materialised and for the industry it has been busy but hard. Not only are we seeing issues with employing staff, but supply issues are also beginning to cause problems.

We have seen locally more pubs and restaurants working with local suppliers to over come the issues that have arisen. Perhaps this is a good thing, but we are all aware that this is not available to every pub or restaurant across the UK. How are you dealing with staffing and supply issues. Are you concerned about the possible situation re the pandemic that may occur as we head toward winter? Are you trying to protect your workers and business so you can stay open and survive 2021.

Enough doom and gloom let’s hope that the coming months are amazing look forward to halloween, fireworks and let’s get Christmas going .. sorry mentioned the C word. Halloween first so have a spooky time and enjoy the rest of October.