How quickly will my pub sell?

How quickly will my pub sell?

People have all sorts of reasons for wanting to sell their pub freehold or leasehold tenancy. Whether you have simply fallen out of love with running a pub or changed circumstances mean that you are forced to sell; you will want to ensure a quick and smooth sale of your pub.

It is impossible to say exactly how long any sale will take but here are some tips to make sure that the process is swift and painless:

Accurate valuation of your pub

There is a temptation by some agents to inflate the value of a pub in order to secure your business. After all, it is lovely to think that your pub is worth a little more than you had hoped. However, after a few months during which there has been little interest, few or no viewings, and little activity from the agent; they come back to you and suggest a lower price to attract more interest. You have wasted precious time and the value of your pub may have been damaged as potential buyers will see that it has been on the market for some time.

We believe that your pub should be promoted at its true market value. This will generate more interest and lead to a quicker sale. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in the market to accurately value your pub (click here to see how we arrive at our valuations).

Make your pub attractive

Buyers often make decisions with their heart before their head and people form a gut feeling for a place within a few seconds of seeing it for the first time.

Although you cannot change the location or layout of your pub, you can take some simple steps to help a prospective buyer fall in love with your pub:

  • Make sure that your pub is as attractive as possible from the outside – clean, tidy, in good repair and recently painted and decorated
  • The same goes for the inside – clean, tidy, in good repair and recently painted and decorated
  • Make sure that the fixtures and fittings are working and clean
  • Be present for the viewing – the buyer may want to ask questions and a little local insight may help to quash any niggling doubts
  • Try to encourage people to leave good reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google
  • Beautiful photographs and a walkthrough video will attract more buyers – we can arrange for photography and, if necessary, some scene dressing

Choose the right solicitor

Time and time again we see the sale of a pub delayed by solicitors who are unfamiliar with the licensed trade or just have no sense of urgency. In the very worst cases, this can lead to a sale falling through.

We have worked with many different solicitors over the years. Some of the ones that we have had repeated good experiences with are listed on our Solution Partners page.

Promoting your pub online

We not only list your pub on our website, showcasing it and providing comprehensive details, but we will also list it on all of the major portals. We work with Zoopla, Rightmove, Daltons Business, Businesses For Sale, and RightBiz.

To find out more about how we can help to sell your pub quickly, smoothly and painlessly, give us a call on 01780 435 072