Is the stormy weather reflecting the market..

Well August started in a blaze of glory and now we are watching the thunder and lightening disrupt the last few days.

How are you going to move forward when in theory life goes back to normal, schools return, holidays are over, return to work for some, the life before lockdown starts up again. Have you managed to survive the last 6 months? Is your business still viable and are you able to see a future for your self and your business?

For many the Eat out scheme has been helpful, have you found other ways to diversify and to encourage your customers back to your establishment. Fears that this scheme would hit the end of the week sales seems to have been unfounded according to some research… what impact has it had on you… Sri Lankan restaurant group The Coconut Tree @CoconutTreeUK have decided to continue the scheme into September and then phase out in October to keep the momentum going… can you see yourself doing that are you able too.

Has this scheme only benefited the larger establishments, how has the small pub and cafe faired ???

The Summer of 2020 will be remembered for probably all the wrong reasons, mainly a pandemic, but we had hot sultry weather then thunder and lightening breezing across the country, and staycations became the norm. The British public supported local as much as possible and the hospitality industry worked hard to stay above the water line and keep people and staff safe..