Long summer

Well been a while since I wrote anything on here, I was hoping to do something in the middle of June but seemed that the day passed and we are still awaiting the end of lockdown. The English summer has not helped the hospitality industry over the past few weeks, with everything from torrential rain to 30 degree heat. The summer sporting activities have begun although that has also been curtailed by the lockdown for many pubs.

For many in the hospitality industry this year and last have been incredibly tough, as it has been for us all. But they seem to be the last to get the support from central government and confusing rules do not help.

England getting through to possibly the semi finals of the Euros should be a boost to pubs, but at the moment it is a bittersweet win for the industry.

Lets hope that the coming weeks of July will bring sunshine, the end of lockdown, the hospitality industry to start to really recover, and less cases of covid. It would be great for the weeks not to roll into each other and there to be possible light at the end of the tunnel.