New Year New Start….. Welcome 2021 or is it…

Well here we are in 2021 and for all of us it feels a little like Groundhog Day. The country is back in whole lockdown and we are dealing with a pandemic rate that is higher than back in April 2020. This is hard mentally for all in the UK and even more so for those whose businesses are closed and livelihoods are in doubt.

So let’s look to our own well-being for the coming few weeks. Take some time to make sure that you are in a better place In order to deal with the coming months stresses. We very rarely in the usual hustle and bustle of life get the chance to sit back and take stock. Start with yourself and work outwards, do the things that make you feel good, walk take in the world around us on our daily walks. Make time to do the things you have put off and didn’t do in the last lockdown.

Do all those little things that you have been meaning to do to the business, or perhaps get the large things done, whatever you do be positive and look to the future. We have no control over what is happening globally but we can impact what happens in our small sphere.

Pubs and hospitality have over the last 10 months been the lynch pin of many communities, supporting the vulnerable and keeping morale high within villages and towns. Finding varying ways to engage with the public in a safe manner has been amazing by all. For those who have been doing this , like many still supporting communities, they are beginning to feel the fatigue.
The days are getting longer, let’s hope that the weather improves. So let’s look to the Spring and hope that the vaccine will help the world to heal and that little by little life returns to some normality….

Stay safe and strong in the coming weeks.