Only 5 days till outside opening begins.

Well the last few weeks have been busy and we have managed to support communities through Mothers Day and Easter. The weather has been as fickle as the situation that we are, glorious warm days and then snow.

Let’s hope in the coming weeks the weather settles and is conducive to sitting outside. I can see a lot of ski wear being worn in the coming weeks… We also know that not every pub or hospitality outlet is able to open on the 12 as they physically don’t have the space to do so.

As such there will be some establishments that will have to wait, this does seem incredibly unfair as all other retail outlets can open.

Many of us cannot see why the sector has been dealt with in this manner, and it is certainly not down to data. @Sacha_Lord has been campaigning over the last few months and has taken the government to court the result being that they need to back up there findings with hard data and not fiction. His campaign will help not just the hospitality industry but also any other sector that has been treated in this manner.

We are all trying to navigate through the pathway to normality and despite everything, we still need to make sure whatever we can do in the coming weeks we do it safely and thoughtfully.

Let’s hope that this is the beginning of the way out of this pandemic