Rain and More Rain it would be good to see Sunshine

Well the last few weeks have been a blessing and on some days soul destroying. We have gone from sunshine weather very welcome to all those who have opened up outside to freezing cold and the heating on. But the great British customer has been hardy and has stood by the pubs and hospitality that have opened up.

What does the coming weeks hold for those who are still open outside, the weather has this Bank Holiday had a huge impact on the businesses that hoped for a great response and in some cases had to close. Lets hope if nothing else it stops raining and blowing a gale and we have calmer weather ahead. At the moment the 17 May seems a very long way off for those of us who want to eat inside or only have the option of serving outside for the time being.

As I have frequently mentioned the industry has been incredibly inventive over the last year and the array of creativity that pubs and restaurants have come up with in order to serve food to their customers is breathe taking, wigwams, pods, greenhouses, marquees, and all covered in twinkling lights and heaters to warm the customers , from hot water bottles to blankets, to fire pits. The industry has tried incredibly hard to welcome back clientele and to make them safe and relaxed and able to enjoy themselves at every outing.

Lets hope that the 17 May comes quickly and that in the mean time we continue to stay safe and careful. We all want to be able to go back to some normality and we all know that this is a fragile balance. So lets work together, stay inventive, stay creative and make the next few weeks brilliant so we can move onto the next stage.