Spring is about to burst

Well the weather is getting better and we are nearly at the clocks going forward. Evenings are lighter, it is getting a little warmer and there is a feeling that this long winter after a lull in the pandemic is coming to a close.

But how over the last few months have you survived we have seen the industry struggle with recruitment and then keeping staff and customers safe with Covid still prevalent. Energy prices are climbing and I have seen pubs saying that the last month have been incredibly quiet. And there are signs that the pandemic maybe increasing its impact across the UK.

The country is struggling and your customers are making choices not to spend money in pubs. This doesn’t help your business and you have overheads. What are you trying to do to keep going? I have seen lots of pubs and hotels offering customers discounts, incentives to have a break and time away. Working more than usual with the communities they are based in to support everyone.

The industry is struggling at the moment so how will it come out of this? What can be done to increase footfall and help pubs and hotels to come through this? Should the government have done more? or be doing more? Give us your views .