The dark creeping in as winter approaches

The weather has definitely changed although we have had some glorious autumnal days. But the whole feeling generally is the onset of Winter and dark long nights.  This would normally be the time that pubs and restaurants launch new winter menus, start thinking towards Christmas and encourage there customers to snuggle around a fire, join the quiz team for the long dark nights and have a pint.

I suspect that this winter is going to be different, we are already seeing the three tier system coming into place across the country. Will this be the death toll for some pubs and restaurants, will your local survive the possible two week circuit break.

What ever happens in the next few weeks finding ways to encourage customers but keeping them safe is high on the agenda. If you can be open should the curfew be lifted there seems to be evidence from Sage that the scientists had ‘low confidence ‘ in this having an impact on the spread. What do you think? how has that impacted your business?

Try to remember that we are all in this together, I know that at times it feels like the industry is being targeted and perhaps it is in some ways, but it is resilient as are you. Encourage your customers, make them feel important and valued. Find ways of getting them to use your premises, whether for work or pleasure , eating or drinking.

What ever you try stay positive and strong..