The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray…..

Well it has for the moment let’s hope that this is a change in the weather and that we are going to get some summer.
Are you already for Monday? What have you decided to do regarding masks, table service? It is very clear from the media that there is more than a nervousness about what is going to happen. Lots of hospitality venues are making it clear to there customers that their staff will continue to wear masks and also carry on with table service.

We have seen in the last week locally pubs and restaurants having to close due to positive tests. I suspect although I don’t want it to happen that this is going to get greater especially as the infection rate is rising.

We all want a summer that we can enjoy on all levels, as a country we need some respite from what has happened to us all over the last 16 months. An English summer, with everything that brings, long warm days, sitting in pub gardens, talking long into the night visiting the sea, Picnics in the park and good food and company.

Let’s make sure that this can happen without the consequences of the last year, I know that everyone in the industry is desperate to get back to normality, and for many it is important for them to stay open over the summer for survival. We can help them do that by making sure we fulfil our responsibility to others, even though the rules are changing stick to what you have been doing and protect others and yourself. I have to say I feel safer even though vaccinated wearing a mask in enclosed spaces.

But I don’t want to sound pessimistic, let’s enjoy the Summer of 2021 but do it as safely as possible so that all those hostelries you go in and cafes you have lunch in can remain open for the foreseeable future.

Have a great Summer enjoy 🌞🌞🌞