Tiers before bedtime……

Well we are coming out of yet another lockdown and the country is in turmoil over the new tiers. Especially the hard hit hospitality industry and pubs, that have supported local communities over the last 9 months.

Don’t get me wrong I understand a need for these tiers however I question the validity of the way in which they have been set up. This pandemic is still raging in many parts of the country and having an incredible affect on everyone’s daily lives. it is affecting all businesses but our industry more so. I am currently living in a Tier 3, but my parents who live 2 miles away are in Tier 2, the pub that I meet friends at and walk to regularly is in Tier 2. I have a friend who lives in Tier 3 but walks her dogs in Tier 2 across the road.

Nothing is clear cut and it seems that this one size fits all has been shown not to work, as I am writing this our government is debating this issue I suspect, unfortunately, it will not change and businesses across the country will be impacted by this decision. There is no easy answer but a more local approach might help to sustain towns and villages and instil a feeling of trust and understanding in our communities.

I hope that in the coming weeks in the run up to Christmas that all our industry will be able to survive in some way, and with the support of the public survive to the New Year. many of you have been incredibly inventive and staid strong and resolute throughout. Lets hope that businesses do flourish in the coming weeks and we all come through this..