Twixmas…… that time between Christmas and New Year

Well here we are in the surreal time between Christmas and New Year. It is normally an odd time, not knowing what day or time it is, eating, drinking, watching old movies and trying to get some fresh air. This year it is just like another day in lockdown, every day is beginning to merge into one.

This Christmas has I am sure been very different for pubs and hospitality across the country, plans to open shattered and not just the pubs themselves but there loyal customers, who had been looking forward to keeping some normality in this very mad world at the moment. But some being open and then having to close after Christmas Day..

And now we wait to here the next move from the government. They have already said schools won’t go back, will we all be lockdown again in order to stop the pandemic. New Year could also be a wash out for the industry, and the long term impact is becoming harder for all.

I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom and I am sure that we have all celebrated Christmas in the best way we could, let us hope that this limbo time does not continue into 2021 for too long and we can start again to build businesses and lives with some normality.

So here is to a better and safer 2021, let’s hope that pubs, hospitality, communities pull together to keep small businesses afloat and surviving into the coming year.

Happy New Year .