We made it through a tough January here’s looking to Spring

Well I suspect none of us can say that January was easy, whether you had a dry January a vegan one or just muddled through… the days are getting longer mornings are brighter and signs of spring are appearing around us.

We are all struggling, with working from home, home schooling and our own mental well-being. Trying to keep a business going and staying positive is a difficult ask. But from what I can see, in the news, on social media, pubs and hospitality are more than doing there part. Supporting local communities, planning for the future whether it is takeaway Valentines or Mother’s Day. How they can open when we are finally to start to live a relative normal life again.

Will how you work as a business change, the things that you have put into place to survive through this pandemic will they become the norm and part of what you continue to do daily. Have you started to use local, be more eco friendly, work with and support the communities that you are in more than before. Have you created a business model that will continue to support you in the future. What will you keep?.

Whatever you are doing at the moment remember that we are all in this together, you are not alone even if you feel you are sometimes. Enjoy the time that you do have because it will be quickly gone. And as Captain Sir Tom Moore said “the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away”