What a difference a day makes

Super Saturday and beyond.

Well after months of waiting on the 4 July for many of you the hard work and waiting was over. You welcomed back your regulars, new customers and those who were desperate to get out and try normality again..

How many of you were concerned about whether it would work, the measures you had put in place would be workable and the customers would come. Did you see on that first day the fruits of all the hard work you had put in over the previous weeks.?

Or where you waiting to see how things went, to watch what others where doing and see if that might work for your business. Many pubs did not open on the 4 July but chose to wait and see how the land lie. Many publicans came up with novel ways to deal with the distancing measures and make there customers feel comfortable, from the Pub in Macclesfield The Harrington Arms who created greenhouses as meeting and eating spaces to The Star Inn at St Just who has used an electric fence!!

Publicans, Cafe owners and all those in the hospitality industry have had to ask a lot of there customers in order to re open and many have moved out of there comfort zones to open at all.. Have you put in place a booking system… have people turned up, have they not cancelled there bookings, and been no shows. The industry needs its customers to understand that just because they don’t show up doesn’t stop the work, food prep and salaries for the staff..

It will be great to see how the industry in the coming months adapts..