What a week this has been sunshine and sharing

This has been an incredible week for all those pubs and hospitality outlets that have been able to open. The weather was kind and the sun shone. Communities could meet even if only in sixes, families could sit in gardens and pubs could welcome back customers.

Let’s hope that this is the start of the country getting slowly and safely back to normal. It is also a chance for those businesses that have pushed the boundaries to stay afloat, to show the industry how forced change can be incredible, and in some cases life affirming.

Locally I have seen cafes, pubs and wine bars applying for outside seating on pavements and squares. Will this pandemic bring to the UK a far more cosmopolitan outlook to drinking and eating outside, it would be great if it does.

So the next stepping stone is May 17th when those businesses that do not have outside space can open up again. Welcome back there customers and start to re build there businesses.
Let’s hope that we continue to come out of this pandemic and despite opening up this week we do not end up with a rise in infection. We all still need to remain vigilant so that everyone can get back to normality what ever that new normality is…