Where did the summer go… will September be blazing

Well this summer seems to have wizzed passed and yet seeing the sun has been a little hit and miss. For the industry I suspect it has been busy and a very trying time, staffing, supplies and keeping staff and customers safe under the pandemic rules.

I have managed to get away and enjoyed some very lovely hotels and pubs across the UK. If nothing else for many it has shown how amazing this country we live in is. The incredible landscape, countryside, beaches and woodlands. The amazing restaurants, pubs ,cafes and food that this island can deliver.

However there has been a down side too, not only the pandemic but now Brexit. Many restaurants, pubs and hospitality in general are finding it hard to retain staff due to furlough, lack of need so those from the industry moved into other sectors. And not only staff shortages but supply shortages. Deliveries not happening when they should and when they do not as expected. The industry is struggling for other reasons now and we need to support them as much as possible.

All the places I went too over the summer have been amazing, great staff, doing there best under stressful circumstances and giving a service that was brilliant. But we must remember that a lot of these will only be working the summer. So all though establishments may have staved off lack of staff for the moment, going forward there could be a real problem across the industry. As a nation we have missed being able to go out and enjoy ourselves, but we need to appreciate the hours, and how hard working in hospitality can be especially when customers do not respect those serving them.Many will choose not to go back into the industry.

Let’s hope that this bank holiday will be good and that the industry can continue to re build. But we must help by supporting them and having some patience.